Gut Healing Broth

gut healing broth

Gut Healing Broth Recipe


This Broth is filled with anti-inflammatory benefits and nourishes your gut.  You can add in as a drink during your day, add it as a base to soups (check out my “Biome Healing Soup”  Make a batch on a Sunday in your slow cooker and enjoy during the week.


Makes about 8 Cups




1 Large piece dried kombu (seaweed)

1 cup chopped carrots

1 cup chopped celery

½ cup dried shiitake mushrooms or 1 tsp organic mushroom powder

2-inch fresh ginger, sliced

2 Tablespoons nutritional yeast (I like Dr. Braggs)

23 Tablespoons Cold Pressed Olive Oil

3 Tablespoons Coconut Aminos

¼ Teaspoon ground turmeric




Place all ingredients including 8 cups of filtered water in a slow cooker set on low for (6) hours.  You can also put in a large stockpot simmer on low for at least 2 hours, stirring occasionally.


Let Cool, then strain through a fine mesh strainer.  Divide into glass containers, placing some in the freezer for use later in the week and some in the fridge for immediate use. Make sure if freezing put in a glass container, to leave plenty of room for the liquid to expand.