Ferment Your Way to Better Health!

How to Simply Ferment any Vegetable!


Want to Change Your Gut Health?

Start with Fermentation!

Not only are you loving up your gut by feeding it nutrient-rich fermented vegetables, but you are also helping with food sustainability!  Talk about a WIN/WIN!  Extending the life of your beautiful veggies and adding a healthy dose of live probiotics to your own ecosystem.

Here is a Super Simple Method that will change the way you look at Vegetables!!




  1. Fill a wide-mouth jar with cut vegetables, leaving about an inch of room at the top.
  2. Add the seasonings of your choice
  3. In a separate bowl, mix the water and salt until the salt has completely dissolved.
  4. Pour the water-and-salt mixture (brine) into the mason jar, covering the vegetables.
  5. Place a fermentation weight (or a dish or smaller jar) within the jar of vegetables, to weigh everything down and keep it submerged.
  6. Cover the jars with something breathable, like a coffee filter and a rubber band, or several layers of cheesecloth.
  7. Leave your vegetables to ferment for two to three days, ideally in a space that is 70-75 degrees F. Check daily to make sure that the vegetables are below the brine.
  8. By day two or three, taste-test one vegetable. Once the flavor is to your liking, place an air-tight seal on the jar, remove the weight, and place the jar in the fridge. Use it as a topping on salads, sandwiches, grain bowls, pasta, or enjoy straight from the jar.