Nourish Your Body to Feel Your Very Best

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be so COMPLICATED

(And you can even hold me to it.)

We all know tuning into what your body truly needs fuels your entire life. But its still so easy to talk ourselves out of grinding up that kale smoothie, making it to the 6 a.m. spin class, or switching off our screens an hour before we head to sleep.

Why? Because our daily lives have gotten waaay too overwhelminG...

(Um, a dinner recipe that calls for 42 organic spices, 7 hours slaving away in front of the stove, and a few drops of twice-filtered, vegan gym sweat? I’ll pass.)

And that’s where I come in. I’m here to help you leap into the happiest, healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself—by keeping wellness simple, straightforward, and sustainable. (This means lasting results that make a difference in your life for eons.)

I’m Jayne Williams.

And I’m all about making healthy simple, so taking care of yourself becomes a natural, everyday habit. (No huge, uphill battle required.) I believe in living a nourishing, balanced life that doesn’t deprive you—but instead makes you feel happy, healthy and whole.

Go ahead and wave goodbye to fad diets that don’t work, and unbalanced guts that get in the way of...well...everything.

Together, we’re going to (ecstatically) celebrate a whole, nutritious life that has you looking and feeling great. This kind of lifestyle includes:

  • Eating delicious foods that nourish your mind and body
  • A balanced routine that affords you the time to finally take care of YOU
  • Easy meal plans and recipes that don’t take hours and hours to prepare
    —just toss ‘em together and go
  • A balanced gut that helps you feel great after eating
  • The sort of clarity that only comes from eating and sleeping well

My entire life’s passion is helping you step into the healthiest, happiest version of YOU. All you need is some help from me and a little bit of elbow grease E.V.O.O. (After all, my expertise lies in both teaching + empowering you to create a lasting lifestyle you’re absolutely in LOVE with.) I can’t wait to watch you tap into your power, potential to transform your health, and penchant for sauteeing a mean zucchini. Wink.

Here’s what past past clients have cooked up.

– Jen A.

I consider myself a very knowledgeable person when it comes to diet and exercise….after all I am a yoga instructor and fitness enthusiast, however I wasn’t treating my body well. I gave the advice but didn’t take it. I can admit that now! Jayne helped me to see that in myself, to put myself first and make the changes I needed to make to truly get healthy! I loved her advice, tips, mindset practices and overall joyful nature. She made it FUN! Thank you Jayne for pouring into me and teaching me to put myself first so I can be there fully for my family, friends and clients.

– Emily K.

I was addicted to sugar and cheap carbs when I first met Jayne. I couldn’t go a day without a soda, dessert every night and lots of processed carbs. I knew my diet needed to change and I was unhappy in my body. I consider myself a smart person and knew the things I “should” be doing, but just kept making bad decisions. Jayne explained diet is as much about mindset as it is about what I was putting in my mouth every day. Once I shifted my mindset, I naturally started making better choices. My body doesn’t want or crave the junk anymore! I feel like I have been freed from the constant cravings and “wants” around my diet. I mentally live in a happier place because Jayne taught me to take inventory, tune in and make decisions that serve ME! I am happy to say I have now lost 15 lbs, my skin looks great (I didn’t know my skin was capable of glowing) and most importantly have changed my mindset on what is important. Thank you, Jayne! Love your biggest fan!

– Jessica B.

When I started Jayne’s program I was 20lbs overweight and just feeling really sorry for myself. I had tried so many “diets” over the years and had been left depleted after gaining the weight back after every single one! Jayne restored my faith, not only in myself, but in my body! I am so excited to say I am 25 lbs down since working with her and maintaining that weight loss! I finally feel amazing in my own skin! I feel like I have a new lease on life!! Thank you, Jayne for teaching me how to empower myself, take charge of my health and make the changes to feel and LOOK like the best version of me!!!

– Kelly P.

Jayne works through the A to Z’s of a healthy diet. Because I had already read many health books over the years I didn’t think I would learn a great deal to improve my diet, but boy was I wrong! Jayne helped me fill in all the missing gaps to having a healthy diet and also taught me so much more. I am really impressed with her knowledge on health and her ability to present the information in a clear manner. Thank you Jayne for helping me tune out the noise and tune in to what my body needs! I am forever grateful!!

– Ashley K.

Jayne not only knows her stuff, she knows HOW TO TEACH people what she knows in a fun, interesting and supportive way. That’s a unique skill that doesn’t come along often! Anyone looking to improve their health need not look any further. Do yourself a favor and sign up for one of Jayne’s programs! Do it for YOURSELF!! You won’t regret it!

– Kelly K.

Jayne has taught me so much in the months that we have been working together! She has helped my entire family to improve our health and wellness with her hands on approach! Jayne is constantly sending me new information and helpful tips that can help my family. Jayne is always keeping her eyes and ears open for new things that can help us! She has helped us with supplement recommendations, healthy recipes and nutrition, fitness advice, and lifestyle changes.  Jayne truly customizes your plan in a step by step approach by giving you attainable short term targets to help you achieve your long term health goals. The best thing about working with Jayne is that she is so passionate about helping people and sharing all of her wonderful knowledge! She truly cares about her clients and is so dedicated to improving their lives! Thank you Jayne!!

– Ellen B.

I loved participating in Jayne’s 21-day program! It has changed my whole outlook on food choices and I’m more conscious of healthier options. Before starting the 21-day program, I had a high carb and high sugar diet. After the program, I was able to get rid of my daily sugar cravings and I feel so much better! Jayne is a wealth of information and is truly passionate about helping people live their life to the fullest! I highly recommend Jayne if you are looking for someone to help you on your journey to live a healthier lifestyle! You will love her!

– Kelly P.

Jane’s is extremely passionate about helping her clients work towards their “best self”. She is supportive, informed and always available to answer a question. On the cleanse, Jane was my biggest cheerleader, I did not know if I would be able to make it through the 7 days but she was always there with a motivational nudge and practical advice. On the cleanse, I lost 7lbs but more important, my stomach felt great – light and happy. I would recommend Jane and the program to anyone who is searching for help in achieving their goal of being healthy.

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